Panama Tech startups join forces for global scale up




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 11/5/21 – Panama City, Panama

A new partnership has been struck by two technology startup’s from Panama. This synergy will allow both companies and their technology offerings to reach and engage with a wider range of potential clients and future platform users. The executive team at will join the Fintech startup as it’s new Lead technology advisor, and will oversee the development teams, and product deliverables. The first Panamanian company dedicated to technologies based on cryptographic algorithms, electronic signatures, zero knowledge signatures (Zero Knowledge), block chains or Blockchain, decentralized finance systems, decentralized storage technologies, peer-to-peer technologies, decentralized open source protocols, or proprietary code and any technology related to Byzantine distributed consensus.

Payment Porte is excited to have this cooperation with IFESA and their technical experience in software development, unique service offerings, and network of local corporates and financial institutions. The Payment Porte platform will bring to the table secure and regulated border-less fiat and digital asset gateway, on/off-ramps, and stable coins to bridge the interoperability with traditional finance centers.

Payment Porte is a fintech startup building mobile and web applications specializing in digital borderless payment solutions and a marketplace for the New Wave of DeFi-nancial services. Payment Porte plans to put B2B, and B2C transactions, storage, and the transfer of value into the hands of innovative SMB’s.

The platform’s target clientele and market is digital transformation in the logistics, and trade finance industries. To date there are very few accessible and affordable digital border-less payment gateways that can handle larger sum transfers and be secure enough for enterprise grade compliance and adoption. Payment Porte will deploy an innovative user card tokenization scheme for instant wallet transactions and settle 24 hr. fiat off-ramps to debit cards and supported bank networks.

Upon achieving POC and scaling with initial partners, the company will roll out a DeFi PORTE-Lend product that will replace cumbersome Bank guarantees and Letters of credits. This will introduce a new way of digital credit and offer instant liquidity to our partners que of procurement responsibilities. We plan to work directly with our partners to evolve our product and service offerings to better fit their needs and the changes from legacy to the digital economies.

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