SCEX Exchange Launches Related-Party Trading and Copy Trading System

6th April 2021, Singapore – SCEX Exchange, the first comprehensive digital asset contract trading platform integrating target contracts, periodic contracts, leveraged contracts, game contracts, super computing power, and super cloud mining, announced today the launch of a related-party transaction and copy trading system based on a new neural network consensus algorithm. This system conducts digital asset contract transactions on the “heterogeneous forest” value exchange network.

The newly launched related-party transaction and copy trading system will subvert existing digital asset platform contract transaction methods and increase the frequency of contract transactions as well as their efficiency.

About Related-Party Transactions:

To provide an illustration, A and B are SCEX registered users who are personally acquainted (be it family or friend). If A is in dormant status, he/she can associate his account with B’s account and authorise B to perform transactions on his/her behalf. Should B conduct any transaction, A’s account will then achieve the same gains and losses as B. The amount of funds in A’s account has to be greater than the amount of funds in B’s. To minimise capital risk and illegal asset management behaviors, each user can only be associated with one other account.

About Copy Trading:

Copy Trading allows users to automatically copy and follow transactions opened and managed by another pre-determined user. The intention of copy trading is to give more knowledge to inexperienced users and help them maximise benefits while mitigating risk.

There are currently over 500 cryptocurrency exchanges globally. According to the “Global Digital Currency Exchange TOP20 Security Rating” report, the evaluation of exchange security is based on eight indicators with different weightages. Among these, system security accounted for 20%, account; information security accounted for 15%; currency listing security accounted for 15%; exchange hardware equipment accounted for 15%; login security accounted for 10%; leverage accounted for 10%; and risk control capabilities accounted for 10%; other factors accounted for 5%. These are represented in the pie chart as follows:

To ensure the safety of user funds and personal information in related-party transactions and copy trading, SCEX has carried out revolutionary security research and development in the underlying technology. The solution is to introduce a new neural network consensus algorithm, and for large-scale heterogeneous nodes with high-throughput concurrency, it will build a “heterogeneous forest” value exchange network for digital asset contract transactions.

The CEO of SCEX once said in a live broadcast that the outbreak of risks is interlocking. For example, inadequate system security is likely to trigger hacker attacks, and hacker attacks will cause huge losses to investors and exchanges. Once the losses are irreversible, redemption crisis is inevitable and the entire industry will face pressure. SCEX has not been hacked in the past four years since its establishment – a testament to its successful and robust security measures.

Post-launch, SCEX has received a lot of financial support. Unlike other digital currency trading platforms, SCEX is a digital currency trading platform built with a focus on contract transactions. At present, SCEX has grown into an international digital asset contract trading platform with a comprehensive system, adhering to the principles of the finance exchange’s “asset quality, risk control, and liquidity”.

SCEX has been persistently pursuing user-oriented, community-driven, and shared benefits since its inception. It is precisely this concept that has ushered a brand-new paradigm of characteristic contract trading and positioned SCEX well on the road to being a leading exchange. SCEX is committed to the work philosophy of “user first”, with everything based on the interests of users. Decentralised exchanges are not only going to become the go-to choice of the cryptocurrency era, but also how SCEX will propel the industry forward.