DUSD Hanoi – “From Wall Street To The Hold World”, Stablecoin 4th Generation

DUSD Asian tour series in 10 cities with Hanoi meet up after Manila, Philippines organized by New York Digital USD with partners BlockAce, BlockTides, and Asia Token Fund was taken place at Chesnut Restaurant & Sky Bar, Delicacy Hotel on July 6th in a cozy friendly environment.

Hanoi is the 7th meet up after DUSD Manila

The event is pleased to welcome guests and media partners from local organizations & parties such as ZASCO, CJ Group, Coinhe, Block Cloud, Kardiachain, Moonradius, Bigcoinvietnam, Coineal, MSG – moonstone group, Insight Group, VIC GROUP, Saigon Tradercoin, Blogtienao, KTS Group, Coin68, Tiendientu.com, Bitcoin Vietnam News, Cafe Bitcoin, OKEx, Coinall, Newcoin, …

Ms. Cherry Liu – Business Development Manager of DUSD  expresses her thanks to the local community, shares about DUSD’s Asian tour in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Manila. With many branches in New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, DUSD is committed to disseminating digital currency to a large number of partners, together with global bilateral cooperation.

Ms. Cherry Liu – Business Development Manager of DUSD starts with a welcome speech

Mr. Nemo Ye – Marketing Manager of DUSD,  introduces the history of currency formation in history. The world spent a thousand years, from the first generation of currency to purple notes,(which is the fist cash) and then We spent another few hundred years from purple notes to bank credit cards,  but it only took us 10 years to change from physical currency to digital currency. Capturing the trend, DUSD develops from digital money to distributed digital money, or (as we get used to) the digital blockchain.

Mr. Nemo Ye – Marketing Manager of DUSD

Mr. Nemo made DUSD’s prediction about the three trends of currency future, including unified anchoring, unified payment method, unified currency. According to Nemo,  in the next decade, the world’s top 500 companies, will have their own industrial ecological stablecoin, like Facebook has released its own stablecoin Libra whitepaper (or white paper) a few days ago. JP MORGAN has released its own stablecoin. Alipay’s Stablecoin is a bit slow due to the supervision of the People’s Bank of China. Some important industries like precious metals and fossil oil are among the famous industries in China, companies in this industry are producing stablecoin in their businesses, including credits. trusted application in the field of payment.

In anticipation of such predictions, DUSD was invented as the fourth generation of stablecoin. From 2014 to 2018, the first generation of stablecoin was born USDT. Although it claims to be a “stablecoin”, it is really unstable and as we know it.

USDT prices may be higher or lower than US dollars. USDT also does not accept any legal or formal regulations; Therefore, the second generation of stable coins was created such as GUSD, PAX, these stablecoins accept regulations and legalization. Then, the third generation of stablecoin appears to be the industrial ecological currency or Facebook Libra is a stable currency that customers target.

Mr. Van Dinh Hoa, Founder of CJ Group, explains more about the different mechanism between stablecoin Libra and other stablecoin

Mr. Van Dinh Hoa, Founder of CJ Group, explains more about the different mechanism between stable coin Libra and stablecoin’s fourth-generation like DUSD, owning a complete legal team, legally registered Officialized in New York City. This is also the group that helped GUSD and PAX legalize. Just a few days ago, the DUSD chain launch at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel took place over 100 KOLs worldwide.

Opening ceremony of the DUSD chain at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Now, the total stable coin flow in the market is US $20.1 billion, accounting for more than half of the flow of a small national currency (about US $ 38 billion in 126 national currencies). With great potential, in the next decade, DUSD believes that the fourth stable coin generation will gradually penetrate into everyday life. To develop DUSD vigorously, Mr. Nemo introduced 06 ecological partners and 10 products: ecological transformation, eco-payment, eco-wallet, ecological industry, ecological community and ecological exchange; exchange products, payment products, wallet products, eco stablecoin products, fund products, blockchain e-commerce products, banking products, financial technology products, hardware products, real products new retail products.

Only within three months, DUSD has listed on 35 exchanges and 15 wallets, and signed contracts with many project partners with the exchange model using DUSD is legal currency.

Panel discussion about “ Stablecoin and Digitalizing assets”

With the question of whether or not stablecoin will in 2020, Mr. Van Dinh Hoa, founder of CJ Group shares the viewpoint of a community active member is that stablecoin might not be the trend, due to investors’ concern. mind about volatility, creating market stimulation and profitability; Stablecoin is suitable to avoid storms and not investment opportunities. He himself or surfing between BTC and stable coin every time there is a big up or downtrend to anchor assets to a co-locality.

Ms. Hoa Nguyen, Country Director of Coineal exchange, Co-Founder of Zasco Community, also adds on that 2020 will be the year of STO, where buyers of tokens will be more protected, have much ownership related to decision power and the project’s profit. For the trading community, stablecoin is only a safe asset storage tool, but for an economy, stablecoin is even more important because it is especially beneficial for multinational enterprises.

Ms. Hoa Nguyen, Country Director of Coineal exchange, Co-Founder of Zasco Community

Expressing the same views of STO will be more likely to become trend than stablecoin, Mr. Long Nguyen, Vice President of Business Development Kardiachain believes that when stablecoin has become the foundation, the base currency for the market, it is certainly steady progress for the blockchain market. Stablecoins are not only particularly useful for paying wages from a multinational enterprise perspective, but also from oversea working groups that need money transfer to their home countries. In addition, for some high inflationary national currencies such as Venezuela, stablecoin issuance means to be a solution.

Mr. Long Nguyen, Vice President of Business Development, Kardiachain

Strongly agree with the above three points of view, Mr. Travis Le, Chief Risk Officer of Moon Radius whose working experience was at reputable fintech enterprises such as Shopee and FPT Arena, shares further about the application of stable coin using Facebook’s Libra to illustrate.

Mr. Travis Le, Chief Risk Officer, Moon Radius

Vice versa, Mr. Jason, CEO of the Newcoin Exchange, believes that 2020 can be a year of stable coin and talks about his 100 yuan left on-car but he did not use it for 1 year while in China. When he comes to Hanoi, he has to withdraw cash with a fee since there is no Alipay or Wechatpay. In addition, the discussion continues to share benefits from digital assets as well as concerns about quality control of eliminating intermediaries based on trust through tokenization using blockchain technology.

Q&A session for DUSD
Mini-game with questions about DUSD
Networking session
Winners of DUSD mini-game
DUSD gifts to all Hanoi meetup guests

Next stop of DUSD Asian Tour is Bangkok, 12th July.

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