Vietnam reopens, Bitcoin halving, Coindesk goes virtual & 9 more waiting

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  • Vietnam lifts coronavirus restrictions, reopens the economy but remains to suspend entry for all foreign nationals.
  • Vietnam is among the top three countries receiving the highest trust from the people for COVID-19 disease containment measures according to Blackbox Research worldwide.
  • Current status: 241/288 cases of COVID-19 confirmed by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health have recovered, as of May 9.

Besides that, Bitcoin’s 3rd halving event is coming in 2 days at 630,000th block. By the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $9,881.41 (-0.5%), while Ethereum is down by 0.04% to $213.86.

Let’s take a glimpse at the current market.


Bitcoin Could Be About To Make Another Major Move

“Nevertheless, with the halving just around the corner, and with some applied patience, we will see that same sharp increase common with previous halvings, even if it will take a bit longer that usual to get there.”

Meanwhile, bitcoin’s hash rate, a measure of the computing power being directed at the bitcoin network, has climbed to a fresh all-time high over the past week as miners try to squeeze as many bitcoin from the network as possible before the halving. Read more

Bitcoin’s network strength has climbed much more consistently than the bitcoin price over recent …[+] GLASSNODE

Bitcoin has again rallied sharply in the weeks leading up to its impending halving event. But if historic patterns are anything to go by, the cryptocurrency could suffer a temporary price pullback following the supply-altering event.

On-chain data suggests both small and large investors are accumulating coins in the run-up to the event. As a result, a bout of profit taking may be seen after May 12. Some investors, especially short-term traders, may sell their coins after halving, putting downside pressure on prices. Read more


IBM bets on growing blockchain usage during COVID-19 pandemic

“Blockchain brings a platform for trusted data exchange while preserving privacy,” said Jerry Cuomo (pictured), vice president of blockchain technology at IBM Corp. and an IBM fellow. “And that provides a foundation to do some amazing things in this time of crisis.” Read more

The United States Congress is contemplating developing a blockchain-based system to allow remote Senate voting.

A staff memo has revealed that the U.S. Congress is considering blockchain technology as a means for the Senate to conduct remote voting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Congress also notes that blockchain-like systems are already being deployed in the context of voting — citing Estonia’s 2019 parliamentary elections that saw 44% of votes cast online. Read more


Consensus: Distributed
Date: 11 – 13 May 2020
Organizer: CoinDesk
ChainUP Webinar: Navigating the Pandemic as a Digital Asset Exchange
Date: 13 May 2020
Organizer: ChainUP
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Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020
Time: 14 – 15 May 2020
Organizer: Ethereal
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Crypto Asia Summit
Time: 18 – 23 May 2020
Organizer: ChainTalk
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Winning & Mining Global Summit
Time: 23 May 2020
Place: Chengdu, China
Organizer: CapitalN, Jines Finance,…
Block Conf Digital
Time: 25 May 2020 /  9:00 AM (GMT+8)
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Digital Week Online
Time: 25 – 31 May 2020
Organizer: Uvecon.VC, Invest Show,…
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Sigma Digital Summit 
Time: 8 – 10 June 2020
Organizer: SiGMA
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Crypto Valley Conference
Time: 11 – 12 June 2020
Organizer: Lucerne University and the Crypto Valley Association
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Remote Crypto Con
Time: 24 – 26 June 2020
Organizer: HeySummit
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Data & Analytics Summit, West Africa
Time: 15 – 16 July 2020
Organizer: MarTech Vibe
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