TOP 1 Communication Solution in the world – FORBES, BLOOMBERG, REUTERS

An organization, a company or project that owns good quality products but lacks global marketing channels with listed local prices will definitely face certain difficulties in developing the international market. In the need of knowing that, BlockACE has been providing communication solutions on major international channels for companies with a vision beyond Vietnam.

As a key of connections with many well-known partners of news sites in the world such as REUTERS, Bloomberg, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Market Watch, Yahoo Finance … BlockACE is also a reliable outsourcing unit with the best market price among a series of leading media organizations in Asia – Pacific. The articles posted on our partner sites have attracted a lot of attention from the community with an amazing increasing index.

About BlockACE

BlockACE is the leading trusted PR and Consultancy that provides a comprehensive solution for international fintech companies/projects which are in need of expanding into the Vietnamese market.

Established in 2018, BlockACE has made extensive effort to connect the community of domestic and foreign business & technology enthusiasts altogether. So far, the number of articles posted to BlockACE‘s customers has reached more than 100,000 visitors per month. By staying connected with the TOP-organizations, large companies, we also support & co-organize events at our home country as well as abroad. Becoming a global representative for many big names such as Node Capital, Token Insight …, BlockACE is gradually affirming its brand as a leading media and consultancy unit in the field of technology as well as developing more broadly the traditional businesses.

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